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Green Apple GG - 60 Servings

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GG is the ultimate 0 calorie energy and focus formula.   Specifically developed to help the competitive eSports athlete function at their highest potential, GG has helped thousands of people crush their day to day duties both AFK and online.

Just a single small scoop of GG provides you with an immediate increase in EnergyFocusAlertness, and Reaction Time without any fillers, sugar, or calories!  

GG is perfect for those moments you need a huge boost over your competition and you need to Play Better - Win More.

Always follow directions listed on the label, never exceed the 2 scoop maximum in a 24 hour period.

Customer Reviews

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Great Taste Amazing Feeling

The taste of this product is great. Just how green apple is supposed to taste with out the funky after taste.

Very nice flavor

If you like sour but you're not quite a fan of the lemon lime, green apple is for you. It's subtle but still candyish, not watery. Same great effects for energy and focus. One of my new favorites.

Great flavor, great product

This was the first flavor I tried after the sample pack, and I have to say it's certainly one of the better flavors. If you look at their social media, this was apparently a fan favorite that shelved, but now it's back, and it's definitely easy to see why. As I'm writing this I just happened to receive two additional flavors, and while I haven't tried Lemon Lime, I have to say that Green apple is tied for first place with Strawberry Burst taste wise. If I had to describe it I'd say "Green Apple Jollyrancher". If you like that flavor, you'll like this. I would reccomend this to anyone who needs a pick me up, especially for working out or just going to work. I take two servings of GG (GamerSupps sounds better, really) before work and it definitely helps me get through the day. It's faster to prepare than coffee, goes down smoother and has zero calories.

For performance I would say that this definitely succeeds spectacularly. It's a fine product and has earned it's place as a replacement for rockstar and monster energy drinks. I used to drink 1-2 drinks on days where I felt dead due to a lack of energy. I don't sleep very easily if I'm not tired due to my ADHD making it hard for my mind to "stay still". I often fall asleep at 12 AM when I wake up for work at 4:30 AM. It's rough, but this works for 5-6 hours as advertised, and while I still feel dead afterwards it's not like a large drop. It's a gradual decay rather than 30 minutes to and hour of energy then a hard crash. I use this for working out, playing games and studying, something that is rather difficult to do due to my aforementioned ADHD. I've noticed a large change in my motivation levels, as well as an increase in productivity. I've gotten far more done than I usually would, and this happened with other energy drinks too (Hell it's why I usually would buy them), but with this it's a smooth experience the whole way through and it's definitely healthier for me than 60g of sugar per regular can of rockstar.

Works great

Great boost of energy worked better than I thought it would

its great

it tastes great and gives you the boost you like to have during games.

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