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Sample Pack Kiwi Passionfruit GG - 1.5 Serving

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This 1.5 Serving Pack contains 300mg of caffeine and provides the needed energy and focus rush in times of need.  Drop this packet into a 16 oz water bottle and drink!

GG is the ultimate 0 calorie energy and focus formula.   Specifically developed to help the competitive eSports athlete function at their highest potential, GG has helped thousands of people crush their day to day duties both AFK and online.

Just a single small scoop of GG provides you with an immediate increase in EnergyFocusAlertness, and Reaction Time without the use of fillers or calories.  

GG is perfect for those moments you need a huge boost over your competition and you need to Play Better - Win More.

Always follow directions listed on the label, never exceed the 2 scoop maximum in a 24 hour period. 

Customer Reviews

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Best I have ever tasted

This is seriously the best thing I have ever had. I love 100 times over G Fuel. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see what the future has.

The best!!!

I've tried so many any drinks but by far I can personally say that this drink is one of the best ones out in the market. 1) No powdery residue 2) the flavor is on point 3) there is no crash 4) shipping fast


The taste is really really good, it being my first flavor gave me a big interest in more flavors because of how good it tastes, it has a tea like taste and it still gives you the energy to boost your day.

Amazing taste

Gamersupp's drink is amazing .. The taste is so much sweeter than Gfuel... Gfuel gives u a white powdery substance at the bottom of your drink which gives u the taste of fake sugar .. GG has no powdery substance at the bottom of your drink and taste like what the flavor is on the packaging.. i would totally recommend GG for every gamer out their.

I love it

Great Product. Really want to order more

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